About The Independents

The Independents is a home for independent politicians in Westminster. We support those looking to shift UK politics away from the extremes of the big legacy parties of government – working together to provide a real alternative at the next election.

We’re sorry. We know that politicians can be infuriating. That sometimes it looks like all we care about is our own careers, and protecting the interests of our parties.

That’s why we left our traditional parties and we’re not starting a new one. We want to work in a different way – collaborating with each other, with other independents and across party divides. And, most importantly, collaborating with you – listening to your ideas for bringing the country back together and trusting each other again.

Most people in politics go into the job to try and make a positive difference to the country. That gets lost too easily in the fighting style of our current parliament, and the tribal nature of the party system. The culture in Westminster means we sometimes lose our way - and when that happens, we all lose out.

We need more than ever to work together. To change the way that policies and decisions are made. To give ordinary people a voice in the things that matter. To show you that some politicians still care, that we’re listening, that you can trust us.

For some of us, that journey led us to leave our parties, and establish The Independent Group. We rushed ahead with establishing a political party, on our own. We weren’t ready - and the truth is, we messed it up.

We apologise, especially to everyone who supported us, stood for us, campaigned for us, and who told us that we had given them hope.

The reasons we left are still there. Labour is still institutionally antisemitic. The Conservatives still treat the country inhumanly, and fail to lead on Brexit or anything else. Both the legacy parties are still being drawn to their extremes.

Yet the hope is still there too. As The Independents we’re tackling that challenge differently, founding a co-operative to find new ways to work together, and to move forward.

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