I will work with those trying to do the right thing

09 Jul 2019
John Woodcock

John Woodcock

I was elected to put the people of Barrow and Furness first, no matter how difficult or controversial.

I have promised to fight for local jobs, promote a credible alternative government, protect the shipyard and ensure the safety of my constituents through strong defence and national security. I now believe more strongly than ever that the Labour Party is unfit to deliver those objectives and that it would pose a clear risk to UK national security if it came to power.

The party for which I have campaigned since I was a boy is no longer the broad church it has always historically been. Anti-Semitism is being tolerated and Labour has been taken over at nearly every level by the hard left, far beyond the dominance they achieved at the height of 1980s militancy.

“Labour has been taken over at nearly every level by the hard left”

There is little chance of returning the Labour party to the inclusive, mainstream electoral force my constituents desperately need.

I am proud of what our community has achieved since I was given the opportunity to serve them in parliament, despite damaging Government austerity. We have secured the historic Trident vote that guarantees two decades of work in Barrow shipyard; we have saved our maternity unit; and we are coming together to demand promised new investment to lift the crippling deprivation that blights too many local lives.

“I am proud of our community despite damaging Government austerity”

There is still so much to do and I will continue to give my all to the people of Barrow and Furness as an independent MP on the opposition benches. My loyalty to them always comes first so I will work with the Government when it is trying to do the right thing, and will also work with the many good colleagues who are still trying to do their best in Labour.

Taken from John Woodcock’s letter of resignation from the Labour Party, 18 July 2018.