The Independents working together to bridge the political divide.

10 Jul 2019

Press Release

Wednesday 10th July

The Independents working together to bridge the political divide.

The Independents is the new home for independent politicians in Westminster.

It launches today to encourage a stronger spirit of cross-party working and its members will work collaboratively in the national interest, including to prevent a damaging no-deal Brexit which will put the jobs and futures of young people of this country at risk.

The group plans to operate in a different way to traditional political parties:


The group will be structured as a co-operative, not a party, meaning all members all have a share in how The Independents is run, and a stake in its future.

A fully independent complaints process

The Independents are committed to creating an environment in which anyone who interacts with us can do so free of any type of discrimination, bullying or harassment. From start to finish, a completely independent complaints procedure has been put in place which all members, staff and volunteers will be expected to adhere to. View that policy here.

Full financial transparency

Even though it isn’t a party, The Independents will publish accounts regularly indicating the total of all donations received in excess of £500 and individual donations in excess of £7,500 (or such other sum as it would be required to publish were it a party controlled by PPERA).

Whilst members may have different views on some issues, membership is open to independent MPs and Peers who ascribe to the following values:

  • Country first. As independents, we are free to put country and constituents first.
  • Collaboration. We are not a party, but a co-operative of independents working together.
  • Integrity. Holders of public office should be truthful and honest.
  • Respect. We are committed to treating everyone with respect.
  • Leadership. There is work to be done to bring about a shift in politics.
  • Openness. As a group we strive to work openly and transparently.

At launch, the membership of The Independents will be Heidi Allen MP, Luciana Berger MP, Gavin Shuker MP, Angela Smith MP, and John Woodcock MP.

Discussions are ongoing with other independent MPs to see how best the new group can support their work.

You can read more about The Independents at

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