Country first

As independents, we are free to put country and constituents first

Every holder of public office should act solely in the public interest, ahead of any party, group or personal interest. The privilege of the position comes with an enormous responsibility to you and we are accountable to you for our decisions.


We are not a party, but a co-operative of independents working together

We’re also collaborating with others whether they are in our team or not – working across party divides to find consensus. And we want to collaborate with you. To listen to your hopes and frustrations, to learn from your experience and ideas. We face big challenges, and we don’t have all the answers. But we can learn together how to approach them.


Holders of public office should be truthful and honest

As a group we are not afraid to be honest with each other and with you. We will strive to practice what we preach and admit mistakes when we make them. We want to resolve issues properly, fairly and in a timely fashion, abiding by our robust, completely independent complaints process. When we get things wrong, we’ll apologise.


We are committed to treating everyone with respect

Not just other independents, but those we work with in Parliament and you, the public. Politics is often characterised by forceful debate, argument and disagreement, which at times is necessary, but we want to maintain respect and never lose sight of what makes each of us human.


There is work to be done to bring about a shift in politics

The Independents will support those trying to get away from the culture of the big legacy parties of government. We were not afraid to leave them behind, nor are we afraid to show courage at a time of extremity and chaos. We will seek to help bring together political voices working to reshape the political landscape, leading to proper alternatives to the Conservatives and Labour at the next election.


As a group we strive to work openly and transparently

That means being open to working with all sorts of people in pursuit of a new way forward. We are open to new ideas, acting and taking decisions fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias. It also means working in an open and transparent manner, submitting ourselves to scrutiny to ensure our accountability to you.

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